Ultra-soft, toxin-free — get Debest for your baby!

Why Debest

Your beautiful baby deserves the very best. With Debest naturally colored cotton baby garments, your little one avoids harmful toxins, bleaches, and dyes. Beyond organic, naturally-colored cotton is safe and gentle for baby, and the environment.

Naturally colored cotton is Mother Nature’s softest solution for your baby’s delicate skin. Its shorter fibers make it softer than white cotton, and because it doesn’t go through the process of dying that white cotton does, it’s toxin free. In fact, it’s a centuries old solution beloved by farmers long before the word “toxin” was even invented.

Despite its superior qualities, naturally colored cotton is not widely available in the U.S. market. The vast majority of infant clothing available in the U.S. makes use of white cotton – an extremely harmful crop. 25% of the world’s insecticide usage and 10% of pesticide usage goes to harvesting it. This mainstream white cotton also requires a process that relies on toxins, bleach, and dyes to turn it white. We believe words like that don’t belong anywhere near precious little ones. 

As parents concerned about the health of the world’s children and the environment, we are proud to ensure that U.S. families have access to this wonder fiber that truly is one of nature’s best products. Straight from the earth, it’s beyond organic.

Here is what others have to say about Debest:

“Immediately impressed by the quality. The material is soft and durable to the touch…Whether you’re shopping for a unique gift or buying clothes for your little one, I highly recommend Debest. Your baby deserves only the best!”

“Any Debest baby garments would make the perfect gift for a baby shower, or the ideal attire to stock up your own little one's nursery with. It's beyond organic.”

“Debest offers some of the most beautiful baby garments that I've ever seen and I can personally tell you that they are indeed the softest baby clothes I've ever felt…my hubby even said "oh I like those new pajamas." So when daddy even notices, then I'd say it's a good pair of pjs!”

“Because naturally-coloured cotton has shorter fibers, the resulting texture is softer to the touch and perfect for baby’s delicate skin…All I can tell you is that the word “soft” doesn’t come close to describing the texture of this fabric!”